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Terms & Conditions
Appliance Repair London

Appliance Repair known as the trading name or Appliance Repair London LTD.
Please go through these Terms and Conditions with the needed attention. By booking with us by phone, email or live chat you give your consent to the terms written below (which can be amended in a given time). The terms to which you agree will be the ones in effect on the day of your service.

1. Possible amendments to this agreement
We save the right to make changes to the terms of this agreement from time to time. Please review it periodically, so you can make sure you are up to date with any possible changes made by us. If in any case you disagree with these changes, you should not use the website.
Please note that these T&C do not affect your statutory rights. Each booking made by you will be treated as a subject of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Arrangements made through the Website
Additional terms and conditions that differ from these also apply to each individual arrangement you make through the Website (‘’Additional terms’’). You are obligated to go through these applicable Additional terms for the particular booking. If any conflict appear between the original Agreement – this one and the Additional terms, then the Additional Terms take priority in regards of the service in question. This can include insurance, financial service, repair services, etc.

3. Access to our website
This is temporary permitted and it depends on the World Wide Web and we are not to be held responsible if you cannot access our website due to reasons out of our control. We save the right to amend, deny access to the Website without a notice. Also to terminate your access to the website if at any point in our opinion you did not respect our Terms and conditions.

4. Third-party websites and their content
Our website can contain links to third-party websites, but they should not be accepted as affiliation to ours. Etc and we cannot be held responsible – if you visit any – it is at your own risk. Each different site from ours have their own Privacy policy and ours no longer apply there.

5. Reliability of the information placed on our Website
The information or any comments placed on the website are not there to serve as professional advice and should not be looked at this way. If you are wondering about a service / repair, please reach out to us, so we can arrange one of our experienced technicians to provide further help.

6. Links to our Website
It’s allowed that you link to our homepage, considering that it is made in a legal and fair manner that does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it. It has to be made clear if linking to our website that it is not in any way an association, approval or endorsement when none of this exists. It is not allowed to copy, remove, frame, etc. copyright notice or other data published on the website. We save the right to decline linking permission without notice.

7. Permission for using our website and the content on it
The content, graphics, text, logos, photos, marks, etc. placed on our website is owned by us (and licensors) and all that is protected by different intellectual property rights, including database rights.
We especially save the right for all intellectual property placed on our site and no right or licence will be given to you in any way on these materials. The right you have is only to review and display those materials on a computer screen, electronic device (but not on any server or internet connected storage) and to print these materials solely for your personal use and for no commercial use, keeping in mind all the copyright notices. Other than this, nothing else is allowed if you do not possess a written permission from us.

8. Making a booking
Our availability
Until mentioned otherwise, the services written in the website are supposed to be provided only to residents of England, London. The information is concerning only these residents if not specified otherwise – booking and services will not be available for applicants from anywhere else. The phone numbers stated on the website are charged at local rates. No additional charges are applicable to our telephone lines if you call within mainland England. If you access our website from another country, you are the only one responsible for making sure you comply with their laws.

9. Making a booking via our website
As mentioned before, Additional Terms apply to each booking, You are obligated to read the applicable information prior proceeding with the service. We are able to modify the price or the details of the booking at any time before we finalise your booking. All services are subject to availability. When a specific timeslot is not available, we may offer the next suitable one we have. If you refuse it, it is your choice to point another availability for us to check or cancel the booking / request a refund if the service was paid and will not take place because of an event out of your hands.
All bookings are to be accepted by us first. Appliance Repair London keeps record of all confirmed bookings, but we cannot guarantee you that we will keep the record unlimited time due to the big amount of bookings we receive.

10. Acceptance of the bookings by Appliance Repair London
As soon as a booking is confirmed by Appliance Repair London a Confirmation email is sent. This confirmation email states all of the Additional terms applicable for the service itself and you are obligated to get familiar with them. You have the right to cancel a booking and the terms of that will be stated in the Additional Terms of the service. All communication between you and Appliance Repair London will be in English.

11. Prices and Payments
The exact prices of the services are to be quoted. The prices shown on the website may vary and be changed before confirming the quote and book the service.

12. Payment Methods
The payment methods we accept are Cash, Bank transfer, debit card payments. Cash payment should be paid on arrival of the team. Account payments should be done at least 24 hours prior to the service.

13. Communication between you and Appliance Repair London
IF you have to discuss with us anything in regards to our Agreement, you can find our details in the ‘’contact us’’ section. If we have to reach you at some point, we will do so by phone, email or post, using the details you have provided us with in a previous correspondence.

14. Security
All debit or credit card details / numbers are absolutely secure and encrypted in the software where the booking is made.

15. Pricing
All given prices with a quote are total with no hidden charges to be added on top.

16. Confirmation for your order
A confirmation email will be sent to you after the service is booked.

17. Description
It is your responsibility as a customer to make sure that access is provided for the appliance to be delivered/fitted.

18. Service and Repair

  • We can provide a repair service of your appliance if you prefer it that way than to replace it with another one. We have fully trained technicians to carry out the service for you, after booking a convenient slot for both sides. Please note that a delay of the technician’s arrival may occur due to different reasons beyond our control (traffic, etc.).  If we have to repair more than 1 appliance at your place, we do not charge 2 callout charges, but just one and we extend the hours needed instead. 
  • Please reach us as soon as possible and definitely at least 48 hours in advance of a potential cancellation of a booking that you have with us in order to avoid being charged a cancellation fee.
  • All our subcontractors are vetted and are highly professional. If still, despite that any problem occurs, please contact Appliance Repair London directly.
  • We do have a fixed price option and a price per hour. If any additional cost appears, it would be for any needed spare parts. On rare occasions an additional cost for second technician / provider can be charged if the nature of the needed work has the possibility of a damage to the appliance, the area around it, or a risk for the health of our workman if he is only by himself and a second pair of hands is needed. If these details are not known prior to the call out, then an additional charge will be added after the engineer has done the assessment of what needs to be completed.
  • The appliance that needs to be repaired has to be accessible for the technician when he arrives and also to be able to be easily moved if needed. Otherwise the call out charge will still be applicable. If a second technician is needed in order the appliance to be moved due to its size, weight or odd location, this will fall in the category above for additional payment.
  • Since these days some appliances are controlled by computer systems, if the case is that we are unable to repair your appliance, we can advise you to reach the manufacturer directly as they usually have technical information that is not publically available to private companies like ours and do require a special computer software. If this happens, the call out charge will still apply.
  • Please bear in mind that similar breakdown in the future is possible and it can have similar symptoms of a previous fault with your product. Our technicians are able to determine only the fault that they already see at the moment of the visit and cannot predict future ones.
  • If by any chance you have suspicion that a technician of ours may have damaged your property or the appliance in any way, please note that this has to be reported to our Managers within 24 hours after the visit. Otherwise the claim cannot be considered as reasonable.
  • If any water damages appear, please note that this must be addressed immediately and the water supply must be disconnected.
  • We always strive to carry out the repairs with the needed care and attention to detail, using professional skills, however unfortunately these days most appliances are being made using plastic parts, or are very fragile, most are not enamelled, just sprayed and easily can be scratched, cracked or broken. They also get hot or cold during their time of usage and this causes increased fragility. Unfortunately we will not be able to guarantee (especially where the screws attach) their working if they fail.  This is beyond our control.

19. Call out and labour charges
The charges depend on the specific product and the area your property is located in, so please call our customers service for the exact quotation for you. Please note that all areas have different parking conditions. If there are any costs for parking, they have to be covered by the customer, as this is not included in the call/labour charge.

20. Gas appliances installations and repairs
This type of appliances will require a Gas safe engineer if the gas supply has to be disassembled.

21. Microwaves
These ovens are with high voltages i.e. 4000 volts and are considered dangerous. Their repairmen has to be carried in a controlled, calm way and environment as this is very important for your safety and the one of our technician.

22. Spare parts
If spare parts have to be supplied, additional charge will occur for the customer on top of the already agreed quote.

23. Estimates
The customer service department will advise you if a spare part has to be ordered, especially if it is a more expensive one.

24. Refunds
A refund usually is provided only if the service was pre-paid and was cancelled 48 hours before the date of the service.

25. Guarantee
Our prices include free diagnostic of the appliance, secondary visit for the repair and installation, up to 1 year guarantee* and supply of the spare parts provided by the technician. Please note that parts are charged separately and you will be provided with a quote for the order. We do not have any additional fees or hidden charges.

* The up to 1 year guarantee provides that if your appliance fails to operate for reasons related to the original repair service when used normally in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, we will perform any labour related to the original repair free of charge. Excludes damage caused due to service provided by any party other than Appliance Repair London.

26. Contact us
If there are any concerns at your end regarding our services or anything posted on the website, please contact us, using one of the following ways:

Appliance Repair London
Email: office@appliancerepairlondon.co.uk
Phone: 0203 761 5871
Post to address: Office 12A, Unit 2, Sutton Business Park, Restmor Way, SM6 7AH