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Tumble Dryer Repairs in London

There isn’t anyone that hasn’t faced tumble dryer problems. We know they are common and that they require a fast response and quick repair. That’s why our team of specialists is among the best engineers in London. From inadequate drying, jockey wheels worn, overheating, or blockages – we cover all faults and repair them in no time!

Local dryer services at the lowest price!

For tumble dryer repairs in London and London area, you can trust us to provide the best possible services at the lowest price. We believe your fair payment is essential. We are experienced in all types of dryers and all manufacturer’s execution. Any problems such as snapped belt, drum not spinning or faulty bearings, we know how to handle and do it efficiently. Contact us with details about your situation, and we will pick the most convenient time for you to repair your tumble dryer!


High Quality

We work towards the best results and top quality services.

Competitive prices

We provide free individual quotes and flexible price offers.


We fulfil our commitments and always meet your expectations.


We bond with our customers through trusted communication.


Why Choose Us

  • If you trust our expert and qualified engineers, you will quickly see results and have your tumble dryer in perfect condition.
  • One of the best advantages with us is the prices range we work at.
  • You get high-quality maintenance but at as low as possible fees. Also, you will find it fascinating how flexible we are and how we can shift our time to fit your preferences.
  • We respond quickly, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your tumble dryer repair request at 0204 542 8548

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact you for multiple repair needs?

Yes, we provide all kinds of appliance repairs, including not only tumble dryers, but also washing machines, ovens, and more.

Can I repair the dryer by myself or I need a professional?

You could try to fix it by yourself, but there are many niceties that you might not be aware of. It’s best if you let the experienced engineers take care of it.

How long will the repair take?

Each repair depends on the problem that your dryer is having. It might be a mild one or more serious, but we will know more when we hear about the issue you are having.

What areas do you cover?

We work in London and cover the London area so if you need a handyman to repair your tumble dryer in this location, give us a call.